Bike Races Spring 2017

Take part in the cycling races Grand Prix Laguna Poreč, Poreč Trophy, Istrian Spring and Laguna Poreč Race! Enjoy the cycling trails of the beautiful Istrian region, which are a perfect fit for professional cyclists and ideal for measuring your speed.

Your adventure will end in the Hotel Laguna Molindrio **** and Hotel Plavi *** where you will be able to recharge your batteries after a fun day of cycling.


1. Laguna Poreč Grand Prix
Date of the race: 19.02.2017

2. Poreč Trophy
Date of the race: 04.03.2017

3. Istrian Spring
Date of the race: 10.03.-12.03.2017

4. Laguna Poreč Race
Date of the race: 19.03.2017

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