60th Annale

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Poreč Annual Exhibition is Croatia’s oldest group exhibition of contemporary visual arts, taking place every year since 1961 with the aim of presenting the latest trends on the visual arts scene in Croatia and worldwide. It is a themed exhibition curated each year by a different expert from the art scene.  

In addition to presenting relevant works of domestic and international artists, the 60th Annual Exhibition aims to highlight the importance of a well-thought concept of cultural tourism.  

The projects selected for the 60th Poreč Annual Exhibition will draw attention to positive social and economic impacts of cultural tourism.  

The participating artists will present a number of meaningful methods they find ideal for exploring unknown countries and regions, as well as successful models of coexistence with local communities and the ways to turn from a tourist into an explorer-traveller. The transformative role of the artists is crucial in developing a critical view, as a counterbalance to the tourist perspective that more or less involves ‘seeing’ only what is already familiar.  

Participating artists: Ralf Brueck, Tonči Gaćina, Boris Cvjetanović, Marko Ercegović, Željko Kipke, Igor Kuduz, Tjaša Kalkan, Bojan Mrđenović, Renata Poljak, Sofija Silvia, Charlotte Camors, Lana Stojičević, Dan Perjovschi, Martha Rosler, Bas Jan Ader, Bojan Šumonja, and Oliver Ressler.  

A variety of supporting activities such as workshops for children and young people, open lectures and digitalisation of the Annual Exhibition's records are planned to mark its 60th anniversary.  

More information:  

E: likovna@poup.hr
W: https://www.poup.hr/programi/likovni-odjel/annale/
T: +385 52 887 217    

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