Poreč Open Air Festival - World Plates

11.09.2019 - 14.09.2019

Place: POREč-PARENZO (Poreč Waterfront)
Organiser: MPG
Event type: Food & Wine

One of our favourite ways of getting to know the world is trying the local and national cuisines from various places, while one of our favourite ways of enhancing the festival is adding fascinating culinary elements!

Mix together these two ideas and voila - you get World Plates, an event that adds a dash of American, Italian, Mexican and Istrian cuisine. 

Over 4 days, these diverse cuisines will allow everyone's palates to travel across the world while standing in one place in the picturesque town of Poreč. BBQ ribs, bruschetti, tacos, brodet and other bites from all over the world will be provided with an appropriate soundtrack and ambience, respective of the countries of their origin. 

Join us at the Riva and meet the world and its delicacies! Bon appetit!


19:00|00:00 - Scifidelity Orchestra 
19:00|00:00 - The A!
19:00|00:00 - The Janitors 
19:00|00:00 - The Blondes 
20:00|00:00 - Bajaga i Instruktori