Poreč Open Air – Festival of life 2019

The festival programme comprises four categories: Street Performance, Music Nights, Cinema and Theatre and Special Events, while the festival's motto is celebrating life, its beauty and enjoying the little things – and what better time to do that than in the summer?

In addition to this year's big concerts, children's plays, circus acts and other features, we have prepared an event tailor-made for amorous couples and anyone else in love and looking for a touch of romance provided by melodic tunes and a more intimate atmosphere than the rest of the festival. Beats & Bites is a new concept scheduled once a week in the gorgeous garden of the Villa Polesini, where bands will play live renditions of carefully selected jazz and pop songs. In line with the obvious fact that one way to a (wo)man's heart is through the stomach, this musical programme will be complemented by a culinary one that will cater to everyone's tastes. Join us in the enchanting garden of the Villa Polesini and see off another summer Tuesday against a stunning sunset backdrop and with romantic melodies accompanied by the sound of the sea waves!

Street Performance features an array of diverse events that offer something for everyone. Circus in the City – Performed by Cirkobalkana will transform the summer stage on the Riva into an open-air circus on Mondays. Impressive acrobatic acts in a new and updated show teeming with props and skills displayed by nimble circus performers will leave you breathless and in stitches every Monday.

Every Thursday, the Princess Ball programme allows you to enter the enchanting world of famous cartoon characters and dance at the ball with a "real" prince and princess.

Our festival is called "the Festival of Life" for a reason because the Town Hall comes alive on Fridays when it joins the hustle and bustle in the town and moves to the beat of the music echoing through Poreč. This visual spectacle will be achieved with 3D Mapping, a novel method that combines architecture, design and AV technology, easily transforming any surface into a dynamic video wall.

There is no rest for true cinephiles even in the summer! This is why, as part of the Open Air Cinema programme, we have organised daily screenings of family movies, comedies and blockbusters that all ages can enjoy in the garden of the Villa Polesini or the meadow by the Lungomare.

Istra Inspirit, the interactive edutainment programme for the whole family that takes place on Sveti Nikola Island, is scheduled for Sundays when it will show us who was robbed by pirates, who Veli Jože (Big Joe) and Dragonja the giant were and so much more.

We also have some special events in store for September. We will welcome September with the Tunalicious Street Food Festival, a culinary event that gathers all lovers of tuna delicacies and provides first-rate entertainment with performances by a wide range of musicians, with live shows by Pavel and Silente as highlights. Mid-June centres on World Plates, a new street food concept that adds a dash of American, Italian, Mexican and Istrian cuisine this year on the Riva in Poreč. Over 4 days, these diverse cuisines will allow everyone's palates to travel across the world while standing in one place in the picturesque town of Poreč.

At the closing of the fourth edition of the successful Poreč Open Air Festival of Life, visitors will be treated to a free concert performance by the popular band Bajaga & Instruktori, who will cap off the top-notch summer musical experiences in Poreč by playing their hits on the Riva.

Don't miss these summer experiences, which you will always remember!

See you in Poreč!

Info: www.porecopenair.com

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