Concerti nella Basilica Eufrasiana

16.07.2021 - 16.07.2021

Posto: POREč-PARENZO (Basilica Eufrasiana)
Inizio: 21:00h
Organizzatore: Poreč Open University
Tipo di evento: festival e manifestazioni musicali

Concerto di musica classica 

Zagrebački kvartet / Zagreb Quartet


For the last 59 years, the University of Porec has proudly presented a festival of classical music in the historical endowment Euphrasian Basilica called "Concerts in Euphrasiana". Carefully selected concerts and renowned artists will perform works by Croatian and international composers with an emphasis on the integrity and importance of this UNESCO protected cultural monument, bringing only the finest arts together.

Chamber music and distinctive, high-quality interpretations that have become the backbone of the concerts in Euphrasiana, continue the great tradition since 1962. Such impressive performances give the life, integrity and eternal value to the "Concerts in Euphrasiana" - just like the walls and mosaics of its own home - the Euphrasian Basilica. The high patronage of the Croatian Ministry of culture, clearly and thoroughly verify the relevance and importance of this valuable event.

Ticket price is 50 HRK, and it can be booked and bought at the very entrance to the Euphrasian Basilica one hour prior to the concert.
Tickets info & booking by e-mail at



T: +385 52 887 218