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The Tourism Office Poreč Internet Site Privacy Statement 

The Tourism Office Poreč protects your privacy basing its web site on technologies that provide safe use of the internet. This privacy statement applies to the internet site and explains collecting and the use of personal data as well as the use of cookies. By using you agree to our terms of collecting and using your personal data described in this Statement. The internet site enables collecting your personal data such as first name and last name, personal identification number, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc. For the purpose of collecting data about the internet site access statistics, also collected automatically are such information that may contain IP address, type of web browser, name of domain, time of access, internet sites from which access is made and similar information.

Collecting and Using Personal Data

On this internet site the Tourism Office Poreč may collect and use personal data in order to maintain functionality of the site and provide services required by the users. The Tourism Office Poreč does not sell, rent and borrow the list of users of its site to third parties. The Tourism Office Poreč may share information with reliable partners for the following purpose: creating statistical analysis, providing user support or similar needs.  The use of personal data is forbidden to third parties and is subject to strict confidentiality.

Security of Personal Data

The internet site protects your personal data against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Information on computer servers are stored in a controlled, safe environment, protected against unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Use of Cookies

The internet site uses cookies – text files sent by a server and stored on the user’s computer. The files are set when the browser uploads the accessed address on the user’s computer, sending the data further to the browser, which then creates a text file (cookie). The browser retrieves and sends the file to the website’s server (location, sites) when returning the user to it offering to users more online features and a better user experience. Cookies that are stored can be temporary (stored only during access to an internet site), or permanent that remain on the user’s computer even after access. Cookies are used for functioning of all features of the location and a better user experience. The site  uses third party cookies to gain statistical information about access and how our internet site is used. Collected data include user IP address, browser information, language, operating system and other standard statistical information collected and analyzed exclusively anonymously and in mass. The Tourism Office Poreč internet site does not contain cookies that would enable launching a program or installing a virus on your computer.

Blocking Cookies

If you do not agree with their use, cookies can be easily deleted (or blocked) on your computer or mobile device by using your browser settings. For more information about managing cookies, see your browser settings or Because the purpose of cookies is improving and enabling the use of our internet site and its processes, by blocking or deleting cookies, you can disable the features of these sites or cause their different functioning and appearance in your browser.

Conditions and Changes

Terms of this Privacy and Cookies Statement manages the use of cookies and all information collected during the application of this Statement, with the exception of third party cookies. The Tourism Office Poreč maintains the right to change this Statement with the aim of transmitting new information about ways in which your information is protected on the Tourism Office Poreč internet site. At any time, you are entitled to request a review of your personal data provided to our site and, at your request we may update, correct or delete this information or discontinue using them in the future. If you would like to do so, please contact us at

Contact Information

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