Papago Park

In the untouched nature near Porec there is a unique and the first bird park in these areas.There is a small oasis of birds that live in a natural environment, and at the same time allows visitors to enjoy their company and learn about their wonderful world.

Papago Park is located on 30,000m2 area (7,4 acres area). Surrounded by forest vegetation it is a home for 30 species of birds, providing them with all the peace they need by imitating their natural habitat.

Besides enjoying in the birds presence, to visitors is offered a lot of educational and entertaining programs.

Papago Park map you can see on this map.

10 - 20 h

children: 60 kn
adults: 70 kn

group of children +10: 50 kn
group of adults +10: 60 kn

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