Nautical Activities

Once seafarers discover the magic of the clear Adriatic Sea, it simply must become a source of constant exploration and discovery of the alluringly indented Istrian coast and numerous islands.

You will find a safe and calm harbour for nautical travel in one of Poreč’s well-equipped marinas which offer recognised, high-quality services.  All the marinas are very well linked to other forms of transportation and you can arrive at them by automobile, boat or from the airport.

Poreč has a sea border crossing and a port authority office so that you can choose its marinas for a permanent mooring but also for a passing-through harbour for sailing on the expanses of the Adriatic.



Nautical tourists can choose one of three marinas on the shores of Poreč.  The most northern marina is located 8 km from the centre of Poreč in the tourist resort town of Červar Porat.  This marina has 400 moorings and 50 spaces on land and is open all year.  It also offers different types of services for your vessel and is equipped with two cranes, with loads of 5 and 12 tons respectively.  The tourist resort town of Červar Porat also offers diverse tourism and hospitality services.

Across from the historical old city centre and beside the city loggia we find Marina Poreč, a smaller marina.  This marina has about 100 moorings with electricity and water connections, rest rooms and a 5-ton crane, abundant gastronomic possibilities, sports and recreation content and vicinity to the centre of the city are reason enough to stay in this marina longer than you had originally planned.  

In Zelena Laguna, not far from the Parentium Hotel we find the marina with the same name in a natural bay.  This marina has 184 moorings for vessels, has 50 spaces on land and two cranes.  Marina Parentium also offers vessel repair services.  Beaches, sports grounds, entertainment centres and a casino are located nearby.


Search and Rescue at Sea

9155 –Search and Rescue at Sea
MRCC – Rijeka (the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) is on-call 24 hours a day at this toll-free number.


The Search and Rescue at Sea Service in Croatia is made up of the Headquarters of the Search and Rescue Service, the National Headquarters for Coordinating Search and Rescue at Sea, local search and rescue headquarters (at the port authority offices of Pula, Rijeka Senj, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Ploče and Dubrovnik), coastal observation units (all port authority harbour offices + coastal radio stations + protected lighthouses + observation stations of the Croatian Navy) as well as search and rescue units (sea, air and land units).

The national headquarters – MRCC Rijeka, all the local headquarters – port authorities and local offices and all maritime radio stations (Rijeka Radio, Split Radio and Dubrovnik Radio) maintain a maritime radio service for monitoring internationally-set frequencies for distress, emergencies and safety in accordance with the international maritime system for distress and safety