Olive Oil – Poreč's Liquid Gold

The affluence of the Istrian peninsula is based on olive oil production, a tradition that is over two thousand years old. The olive, a symbol of peace and health, is considered by many to be a valuable Mediterranean fruit and its oil has been called liquid gold by those who live in areas where it is cultivated. The fruit of the olive tree, the stone, gives some of the healthiest drops of oil.  Although olive oil production is divided into various categories of quality, among the healthiest oils are precisely extra virgin olive oils, rich in vitamins, natural antioxidants and carotene.

Olive oil roads lead you directly from the sea to olive groves, oil mills and cellars.  They include the olive-growing areas of the hinterland surrounding Poreč with its idyllic roads, paths and trails. Of the numerous varieties of olives, buža, Istrian bjelica, moražola and pendolino grow best in the area around Poreč. 

Expert olive growers will tell you the tale of how olive oil is made, from the planting of the grove, olive tree care and harvesting to the high-quality oil you have before you.