Mediterranean surroundings, a gentle climate, fertile land and lush vegetation have made Poreč a unique holiday destination.

Bestowed with natural beauty, clean air and sea whose quality has been regularly measured and monitored for the past 30 years, you can relax and enjoy Istria's sea and hinterland.

Protected natural resources include protected mushrooms, plant and animal species as well as minerals and fossils.

A public institution for the protection, maintenance and promotion of the origin and authenticity of nature, Natura Histrica, is active in the area of the Region of Istria.  In the Poreč area we find valued nature sites such as two geomorphologic nature monuments, the Baredine Caves and Mark's Cave, a zoological nature monument at Pinzin's Cave and a botanical nature monument made up of a group of trees around St. Anne's Church near Červar.

In these nature attractions it is forbidden to dispose of waste, pick plants, disturb animals or destroy cave formations.  It is desirable to use the surrounding walking paths and forest trails and always behave in harmony with nature


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  • Baredine Cave

    Baredine Cave

    Meet the mystical world of nature which has been developing for thousands of years, far away from the light of the day and the human...

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  • National Park Brijuni

    National Park Brijuni

    The Brijuni Islands, located in the south of the western Istrian coast, has a total of 14 islands and islets, making it the best indented and largest...

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  • Mramornica Cave

    Mramornica Cave

    Immerse yourself in the magic underground world of the ˝Marble cave˝ (Mramornica) in Stanzia Druscovich nearby Brtonigla and let yourself absorb...

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