Car Parks in Poreč

On-street car parks include all parking places in the so-called ‘blue zone’ i.e. all parking places in the area of the town of Poreč – Parenzo marked blue.

On-street car parks are divided in three zones: Zone I, Zone II, and Zone III, i.e. red, yellow and green. The parking rate and duration is different across the zones depending on the summer or winter parking rate.

The payment of parking on the on-street car parks can be made by a parking ticket payment machine set up across the zones i.e. in the streets and by a text message. The prepaid ticket for a specific street can also be purchased as per the valid pricelist.

The employees of Usluge Poreč d.o.o. conduct daily controls of the on-street car parks by visiting said areas and electronically controlling parking ticket payments. A day ticket is issued to drivers who have not paid the parking ticket when leaving their vehicle in the designated parking space.  

Outdoor parking ramp controlled car parks are operated by the automatic system with the entrance/exit ramp terminals open 24/7 throughout the year. There are four (4) such car parks in the city of Poreč: 

  • Large City Car Park (Veliko gradsko parkiralište),
  • Car park near the primary school (K. Huguesa Street)
  • Car park by the municipal court
  • 'Vrtovi'  Car Park 

Large City Car Park (Veliko gradsko parkiralište)  is located in the city centre near the city farmers' market. It has 750 parking spaces as well as 12 for the disabled person's vehicles. It is for passenger cars only, which enter in three (3) and exit in two (2) lanes. The entrance and exit terminals as well as the cashier booth are under video surveillance. This large city car park is the first and the only parking facility in the City of Poreč – Parenzo which operates under the entrance and exit control system and the automatic number-plate recognition payment system.

The car park near the primary school is located at K. Huguesa Street and used solely by passenger cars. It has 145 parking spaces as well as 7 for the disabled person's vehicles.

The car park by the municipal court is located in the city centre along the Poreč Marina. One of its sections is integrated with the marina. The car park is reserved only for passenger vehicles i.e. for prepaid parking card holders who have entered into a prepaid contract for the use of the Large City Car Park (Veliko gradsko parkiralište) and for the users of the Poreč Marina who have concluded the berth contract for their vessel. Additionally, the car park has 78 spaces for other prepaid users, 2 disabled person's parking spaces, and 8 spaces allocated to the municipal court.

'Vrtovi' Car Park is located in the city centre opposite the Large City Car Park (Veliko gradsko parkiralište). It has 400 parking spaces.