Water sports

  • Be a SeaStar Hero too!

    Be a SeaStar Hero too!

    This summer, we offer you the opportunity to get to know Poreč and its undersea in a completely new way - you can do good, win prizes and become a...

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  • Snorkelling


    Did you know that we first used reed tubes to breathe under water? The materials have changed over the years, but the interesting thing is that the...

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  • Swimming


    Did you know that Poreč boasts a record number of Blue Flag beaches in the Adriatic? Aside from confirming top-quality water, this certification...

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  • Kayaking


    As Poreč swarms with tourists in the summer months, guided kayaking tours are a great opportunity to avoid crowds, stay in shape and learn a lot of...

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  • Water skiing

    Water skiing

    Water skiing and wakeboarding are becoming increasingly popular, and when in Poreč pop by the ski lift at Zelena Laguna to try them out. Ski Lift...

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  • Jet skiing

    Jet skiing

    Jet ski competitions are yet another way to have fun doing sports activities in Poreč, whose sea coves provide an ideal place for these kinds of...

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  • Windsurfing


    Windsurfing has attracted hordes of fans ever since California’s aeronautical engineer Jim Drake invented its modern version in 1966. If...

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  • Sailing


    Sailing is one of the oldest sports, and for many people it’s a lot more than a captivating activity, it’s a lifestyle. It requires good...

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