Water skiing

Water skiing and wakeboarding are becoming increasingly popular, and when in Poreč pop by the ski lift at Zelena Laguna to try them out.

Ski Lift Poreč featuring a 650 m long cable was built in 1989 and fully renovated 20 years later. It's a favourite gathering point for both Poreč residents and tourists, who enjoy trying out all types of skis and boards you could possibly think of. Professional equipment can be rented out, while regular amateur equipment (skis, kneeboards, mono-skis, trick-skis) and safety gear are included in the ticket price.

Owing to an array of amenities, such as a café with a terrace and a sundeck, and various sports grounds, this place regularly hosts entertainment and charity events, amateur and professional water skiing competitions, and beach volleyball and football tournaments. Here you can also sign up for tennis classes.

The water skiing season at Ski Lift Poreč lasts from Easter to early November. Long enough for you to join us, right?


T: +385 91 474 7714

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