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The speleo-adventure is intended for all of those who wish to have an amazing underground experience. Become a speleologist for a day and descend under lamplight with your caving equipment into the world of stalactites and stalagmites.

This is the adventure for amateurs where no previous speleo experience is needed.

Participants must have their own footwear – sports shoes or hiking boots.

Participants are provided with:

  • Cave equipment,
  • Coveralls (due to the temperature in the cave as it’s 10ºC),
  • Helmet with light,
  • Protective gloves,
  • Rubber boots.

Polygon Speleolit is the part of the cave complex Baredine which is known as the geomorphologic monument of nature and the first Istrian speleological location that is intended for the visitors.

I - XII: with prior appointment
The excursion lasts between 3,5 to 5 hours.

Jama Baredine
Nova Vas, Poreč
GSM: +385 (0)92 110 0070
E-mail: info@speleolit.com  
Website: www.speleolit.com
FB: Speleolit
IG: Speleolit

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