Mramornica Cave

Immerse yourself in the magic underground world of the ˝Marble cave˝ (Mramornica) in Stanzia Druscovich nearby Brtonigla and let yourself absorb its brightness and snowy whiteness.

During the 30 minutes guided visit along the safe tourist path in the cave you will be surrounded by different coloured dripstones, from rusty red to white. The huge chamber of the ˝Marble cave¨ is 93 m long, 51 m wide and 5 m high. The depth of the entrance is 10 m, while the maximum depth reaches 20 m. The temperature in the cave is a constant 14° C and this is the reason why there are 5 Barrique barrels in which local wines age in the main chamber.

The ˝Marble cave˝ has been known to locals for a long time. Visitors have left their names carved in its inner walls, the oldest of which dates back to 1775. The first written document mentioning the cave is contained in a letter by Alberto Fortis dated 1771 in which he describes his exploration of the cave in 1770.



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