Kras Beach

Lanterna Premium Camping Resort

Kras Beach is located between Romana Beach and Tarska Cove close to the La Pentola restaurant, the tennis courts, and the Teens Lounge. The beach features fine pebbles and rocks, and the large pines trees provide natural shade.  

A designated part of the beach is completely suitable for people with disabilities. There is also a dedicated dog beach in a separate small cove. A natural cliff on the beach represents a special challenge for guests eager to try free climbing.

Beach type: pebbly, rocky,
Beach length:400 m
Entrance to the sea: pebbles, rocks, handrails for easier entrance into the sea, suitable for people with disabilities,
Suitable for: families with children, couples, people with disabilities,
Pets: part of the beach reserved for pets

Basic contents

  • Beach length (400 m)
  • part of the beach reserved for pets
  • families with children
  • couples
  • people with disabilities
  • lifeguards

Additional contents

  • sun lounger and umbrella rental
  • changing cubicles
  • showers
  • climbing wall