Beaches in Tarska Cove

Lanterna Premium Camping Resort

Nature lovers will be thrilled with the beaches in the quiet part of Lanterna Premium Camping Resort – Tarska Cove.  

The quaint pebbly beaches in coves surrounded by rocks are ideal for secluded relaxation. The transparent sea, the view of the magnificent mouth of the River Mirna, and the scent of the hundred-year-old pines trees are a true elixir for body and soul.  

Your pets will be happy on the part of the beach dedicated specially for them.

Beach type: pebbly, rocky,
Beach length:1.000 m
Entrance to the sea: pebbles, rocks,
Suitable for: families with children, couples,
Pets: part of the beach reserved for pets

Basic contents

  • Beach length (1.000 m)
  • part of the beach reserved for pets
  • families with children
  • couples
  • lifeguards

Additional contents

  • sun lounger and umbrella rental
  • changing cubicles
  • showers