Concerts in Euphrasiana

The sublime experience of classical music

Poreč hosts one of Croatia’s oldest classical music festivalsConcerts in Euphrasiana. Owing to the efforts of the Poreč Open University, guests can enjoy outstanding classical performances in the magical and acoustic ambiance of the Euphrasian Basilica every Friday throughout the summer. It is precisely the blend of magnificent music and architecture that reflects the invaluable tradition of this festival, started back in 1962.

The Euphrasian Basilica has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1997. Its unique architecture and impressive history, accompanied by the sounds of classical music, make it an extraordinary place of art and culture. For more than 60 years, its altar has been the stage for many of the world’s greatest classical musicians and chamber music groups, who have had the honour to perform in this sacred place and contribute to this prestigious event.

The concert programme always offers a great variety of classical music groups and interpretations, demonstrating indefinite possibilities to perform timeless classical pieces in this listed monument that makes a distinctive landmark of Poreč. Classical music and the Euphrasian Basilica simply transcend time, which is what makes them an invaluable asset to the town. Owing to their dedication and success, young talents are also granted an opportunity to perform in the Concerts in Euphrasiana, side by side with their iconic fellow musicians. The renowned festival traditionally hosts attendants of the Guitar Summer School, and the current winners of Poreč Fest, an international guitar and violin competition. Cooperation with the Poreč School of Arts and attracting younger audiences are also of utmost importance.

Concerts in Euphrasiana invite you to feel the sublime experience of riding the majestic sound waves at the golden Euphrasian Basilica!


Tickets & reservations

Tickets can be reserved via the below email address, and purchased at the entrance to the Euphrasian Basilica an hour before the concert.
T: +385 52 887 218

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