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This easy family tour is a great way of getting to know the olive growing area of Lanterna peninsula and enjoy its Mediterranean atmosphere. Start and finish of the tour is by the water fountain in the center of Vabriga.  From Vabriga we ride on the gravel road towards the sea arriving at the small fishing port Santa Marina, which is famous for the restaurants serving authentic fish and seafood specialties. From here, we continue through the olive groves to the camping Lanterna. After the camping, we arrive to Stancija Blek also known as the Old Tar, the location of first medieval settlement that has later evolved into today's Tar. At the end of the tour, we cross the main road to arrive to our starting point. Once in Vabriga you can visit a unique olive grove with 88 olives planted in the shape of the word TITO. A local farmer has planted the olives in 1980-es as memory of a former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito. This olive grove is located right next to the main road Tar-Poreč.

Villages on the tour:

-        Vabriga, Santa Marina, Stari Tar


 Santa Marina, St. Blek, TITO olive grove

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