This mountain bike trail leads through the area of Istrian hinterland famous for the numerous producers of excellent domestic products like wine, olive oil, prosciutto, truffles or lavender. Along the trail, you can find the signs for wine roads, olive oil roads and agro tourisms; these are a great choice for a short break from your ride. The tour is very dynamic with varied terrain; it even follows parts of the famous Parenzana trail. 

The ride starts in Vižinada. We climb on the plateau above Mirna valley and slowly descend into winemaker’s village Ohnići; here we join the Parenzana trail towards Višnjan. Forest trails lead us to Ženodraga where we cross the Highway and continue to Baderna. From this point, we ride through the sparsely populated area towards Karojba. After crossing of the main road, we reach a downhill to the Paranzana Trail the which takes us back to Vižinada.


Villages on the tour:

-         Vižinada, Ohnići, Višnjan, Ženodraga, Baderna, Karojba


Vižinada, Parenzana, Baderna, Višnjan

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