aMore: Festival of the sea

23.05.2018 - 03.08.2018

Place: POREč-PARENZO (Old town)
Organiser: Udruga Zona / Association Zona
Event type: --

Festival dedicated to the sea in which art, culture and science overlap

The Festival’s goal is to draw attention to environmental, social and cultural importance of marine ecosystems as well as to human activities causing their degradation all with the goal of their preservation.

aMORE aims to raise the level of public awareness and to improve the relations developed and cultivated between local communities, visitors, tourists and sea. aMORE wishes to contribute to the activation of more mindful and responsible communities and tourists / travellers, whose collective action can contribute towards fulfilling The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, in order to preserve this priceless and crucial resource of ours.

Come and support aMORE and our seas!