Santa Claus House

05.12.2018 - 27.12.2018

Organiser: Udruga Kreativne Kaštelirke - KREKE, Općina Kaštelir-Labinci
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Christmas fair and workshops

...."Santa, this place, what did you say its name was – Kaštelir, is nice. I like it so much, it is neither too warm nor too cold and European countries are all very close for you to distribute the gifts. We could stay here until Christmas."...

This is a part of the story "Why Does Santa Clause Have a House in Kaštelir?" which will be shown in the small puppets theater as part of the Santa Clause House program. It is just one of many activities prepared for the children in this holiday season by the Kaštelir-Labinci Tourism Office. Tourism office is supported by locals and the local government. Thanks to the participants and sponsors all necessary material has been collected. Product of this hard work is the first Santa Clause House in the surroundings. It might have been better if we bought everything.. but it is certainly the most original.

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