Okolo - Living Culture Week

28.04.2019 - 05.05.2019

Organiser: POU Poreč
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Enjoy, learn, create, and relax in the leisure of the city, and do not miss being part of the OKOLO festival! Discover hidden city squares and streets, discover your favorite sculpture or gallery… Take in the fresh scent of the sea, enjoy the sunshine, and rest in the colors of flowers… Sip your coffee or a pint of beer by the sea, on the square, or in the shade of the pines… Stop for a moment, listen and experience! The scents, sounds, and flavors of the city…  

OKOLO Living Culture Week celebrates the culture of the area with a wide range of events and activities. The Festival reveals and evaluates the development of Poreč’s identity through art, history, tourism, urban culture, natural beauty, and culture of sport and recreation. Everything that makes our town exactly what it is, has been the focus of the EU project I-Archeo.S. A dual character was formed for the project following an analysis of this area. OKOLO is a platform that brings together other festivals, institutions and organizations, and offers a selection of summer programs by the Public Open University during the pre-season period. Furthermore, OKOLO aims to support and promote new creative cultural products and to develop an integrated system of cultural service products by establishing a public-private cluster. In short, it offers an innovative, creative, and upbeat cultural-educational festival with a great tourist potential. OKOLO’s new tourist itineraries and educational tours will be on permanent offer after the Festival. Visitors will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the city by choosing various activities and content. The essence of OKOLO is the production and presentation of Poreč and Istrian culture, the traditional and contemporary, the urban and suburban, which will come together in the biggest spectacle of the festival, the Megaspettacolo on the Main square.  


Sunday, April 28

  • dance show / Main square / USB Poreč – Urban Subculture Base, MOT 08 – Studio for Performing Arts
  • Letronika / Corner Le Mat bar / 9 pm / concert  

Monday, April 29

  • Sailing in the Olden Days / presentation and education / Horizont Sailing Club / 1  to 5 pm
  • Colours of Hope / Galija Senior Citizens’ Club / exhibition by Džemila Šegon / 5 pm
  • A Mediterranean Triptych / theatre foyer and entrance / 5:30 to 7:30 pm / Darko Brajković Đepeto Njapo
  • How Sports Shaped Poreč / POU Poreč, Little Gallery / 7:30 pm / exhibition
  • International Dance Day 2019 / Main square / 7:30 pm / USB Poreč – Urban Subculture Base, MOT 08 – Studio for Performing Arts    

Tuesday, April 30

  • Day of the City of Poreč Celebration / Solemn Session of the City Council / City of Poreč / 10 am to 12 noon
  • exhibition of children’s works featuring city views / theatre foyer / 9 am / DND Poreč – The Children’s Society Poreč
  • Dario Fo: Mistero Buffo / Poreč Heritage Museum lapidary / 9 pm / actor: Valter Roša, consultant: Aleksandar Bančić (Istrian National Theatre – City Theatre Pula)  

Wednesday, May 1

  • all-day celebration / city beach  

Thursday, May 2

  • Live Electronics / Mate Balota High School Poreč / 10:20 am / lecture by Alex Brajković
  • Poreč Fest / Istrian Assembly Hall / 7 pm / Anđelko Krpan (Croatia), violin, and Alejandro Córdova (Mexico), guitar
  • Jazz 2018 / theatre foyer / 8:30 pm / poster exhibition by Sabina Damiani Tamara Obrovac TransAdria Quartet / Poreč Theatre / 9 pm / concert DJ set / Corner Le Mat bar / 11 pm / Stephanie Prekali  

Friday, May 3

  • Manestra recipe / Main square / 10 am to 2 pm / Bobolo gourmet
  • Guest choirs / Poreč Theatre / 6:30 pm / FAKS Festival
  • Elisa Tomellini / Euphrasian Basilica / 8:30 pm / concert  

Saturday, May 4

  • Poreč Fest / Istrian Assembly Hall / 7 pm / Petrit Çeku (Kosovo), guitar
  • Megaspettacolo (Elisa Tomellini, Đana Šegon, Veja, Alex Brajković, DJ Osobna!, Visualia Group) / audio-visual spectacle / Main square / sunset
  • Jimbo Jambo Soundsystem – Soundselvaggio / Corner Le Mat bar / 11 pm (the Megaspettacolo afterparty)  

Sunday, May 5

  • Poreč Fest / Poreč Theatre / 7 pm / 10th International Guitar and Violin Competition Winners’ Final Concert    

*Additional information available at the Poreč Theatre info point/ Main square