Mosaic City Poreč

01.05.2020 - 13.05.2020

Place: POREč-PARENZO (Square)
Organiser: Mosaic City Poreč
Event type: Visual Arts

International mosaic art simposium

The specific artistic heritage has ranked the city of Poreč among special cities with rich cultural heritage. The most prominent symbol of the city's cultural and archaeological heritage is the preserved and valuable mosaic sculpture of the Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica, inscribed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

More than 14 centuries had passed from the last mosaic sculpture on this site until 2012 and the launch of the MOSAIC CITY project for the urban regeneration of mosaic art based on cultural heritage as a foundation for further production.

The Mosaic City Symposium will gather relevant international and Croatian artists and experts. Its aim is to establish a precondition as well as a technical possibility for creating new and valuable pieces of art for which the City of Poreč would become known and included in the international tourist and art map as a recognizable site for its valuable collection of ancient and modern mosaic works of art.

Results obtained from artistic, professional and scientific work of the Symposium will remain a permanent heritage of the city and future generations.