Exhibition: Treasures of the Adriatic Underwater

13.06.2023 - 15.06.2023

Place: POREč (Bay Peškera)
Time: 10:00-13:00 I 18:00-22:00h
Organiser: Poreč tourist board
Event type: Other

The exhibition of shells of Adriatic bivalves and snails, armours of crabs and skeletons of sponges, corals and echinoderms under the name TREASURES OF THE ADRIATIC UNDERWATER was created as an original idea of a young Croatian author, who very ingeniously placed the exhibition in a large 12-meter bus, thus enabling the exhibition to reach every destination where it is necessary to educate about the need to protect the Adriatic Sea and its biodiversity and at the same time allowing visitors from all over the world to enjoy this unique content.

The exhibition contains 225 original exhibits from 65 species of marine organisms displayed in appropriately lit showcases and equipped with popular and scientific names. Above each exhibit there is an underwater photograph that shows the appearance of the living organism in nature. The entrance to the exhibition is at the front and the exit is at the back, which makes it easier for visitors to move without creating crowds.

Every student or visitor will be provided with a professional and educational brochure containing all the information and interesting facts, with an emphasis on the need to protect the sea, and six species strictly protected by law are also shown in the exhibition.

This project was created with the supervision and support of the Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics  of the University in Zagreb. This particular kind of scientific-touristic and educational content in mobile form exists only in Croatia.

The exhibition is equipped with a suitable ramp to allow visitors in wheelchairs to enter the exhibition area.  


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