24. Street art Poreč

20.08.2024 - 25.08.2024

Place: POREč-PARENZO (Various locations around the city)
Organiser: POU Poreč
Event type: Dance, Theatre, Performances

-Festival of street performers

Life in the Mediterranean has always been played out on the street, more than in houses.  Citizens would talk, court, argue and sing on the streets, and although they may not have been aware of it, the streets and squares were a kind of stage. New times brought new customs, but the desire for liveliness on the streets has remained the same. Street art wants to revive Poreč's streets, squares and promenades - with dance, street theatre, music...

Street art Poreč began its artistic and tourist expression in 2001 as a street art festival bringing together carefully selected artists in August every year and making Poreč's streets and squares alive with colour. Street art Poreč has an open form and includes all forms of artistic expression, from musical and stage performances and art projects to street acrobatics and performances.    

The points of the festival amaze, provoke laughter, surprise, sometimes confuse, but are always guaranteed to interest and entertain the local Poreč inhabitants as well as tourists. During Street Art Poreč, every area of the city can become a stage, every building or monument a backdrop, and every passer-by an interested observer, even a participant.  

Enjoy Street Art performances and become part of the urban art of the city of Poreč!


T: +385 (0)52 887 218
E: kultura@poup.hr
W: www.poup.hr


T: +385 52 887 218