Cinema on the beach: The amazing Maurice

11.07.2024 - 11.07.2024

Place: FUNTANA (Perila promenade)
Time: 21:15h
Organiser: TZ Funtana
Event type: Film & Video Programs

Perpare yourselves for Thursday, July 11th,the first beach cinema screening along the Perila promenade, right by the sea, featuring the animated film “The Amazing Maurice”. This special evening under the stars begins at 9:15 PM, when the big screen comes to life with a story that will enchant all generations. Admission is free, and the venue is located right by the sea, in the beautiful surroundings of the Perila promenade, where the sound and scent of the sea will enhance your experience.

“The Amazing Maurice” is a charming animated film based on Terry Pratchett’s popular book. The film follows the adventures of Maurice, a clever talking cat, and his friends – a group of intelligent rats and a flute-playing boy. Together, they travel from city to city, pulling off tricks to earn money, but soon discover that each city holds its own secrets and challenges.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a movie night under the open sky! Bring your blankets, get comfortable, and enjoy the magical experience under the stars. 


T: +385 52 445 119