Discover Poreč running with SightRun App

Enjoy running even when you travel and get to know Poreč while you’re there! With SightRun App you can now run and discover Poreč at the same time.

SightRun is a mobile app that combines running and sightseeing. Get to know Poreč through interesting 5 tours.

In addition to audio navigation, the app will tell you many interesting stories about the history of Poreč, its attractions, some amazing events, natural wonders nearby and encourage you to try some of the local gastro delights. Reward and refresh yourself after a good run!

Poreč SightRun North and Poreč SightRun South are amazing tours between 9 and 9.6 km long, which start in front of the City Hall.

The North tour follows the peninsula seaside, takes us into the past Poreč times, goes north through the nice forest path all the way to the Punta Materada and then back. And while you enjoy running by the sea, you will fall in love with Poreč by listening to our stories.

The South tour is completely circular and follows the path along the city beaches all the way to the hotel resorts. On the way back the route will take you to the peninsula - the historic core of Poreč and over 2000 year old stage...

Except the routes that start in the centre of Poreč, the hotel guests can use three more tours that start in front of the hotel. Those are:

- Valamar Borik Tour with the starting point in front of the Valamar Zagreb Hotel
- Valamar Diamant Tour with the start in front of the Valamar Diamant Hotel
- Plava Laguna Run with the starting point in front of the Hotel Molindrio Plava Laguna

SightRun App is an audio running guide that uses GPS of your mobile phone so it doesn’t matter how fast you move. Yes, with the app you can walk, stop, take photos and then continue your run. If you like listening to music while you run, you can add your favourite songs before you start your tour which will adjust to the tour content.

All tours are available in English and Croatian.

Take your running shoes and earphones and you are ready for your SightRun Poreč tour! Enjoy exploring Poreč on the run!

SightRun App is free for download and available on Google Play and App Store:

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