Trail Running

Trail running is a perfect way for wild nature lovers to enjoy the fresh air and stay fit at the same time. The Poreč hinterland is a true paradise for exploring the woodland and meadow paths along the sections of the ex Parenzana railway track, fertile fields, vineyards and olive groves. The diverse terrain offers all you could possibly wish for: from gravel tracks to woodland dirt paths.

When mastering the trails of the Vižinada area you’ll come across a few bumps and need to invest extra effort to climb your way up to the viewpoints, but it’s well worth it! You’ll also pass through the street named after the famous ballerina Carlotta Grisi, and get the chance to admire the birds flying over the picturesque Mirna river. Nothing can give you a greater sense of freedom than breathing in the fresh air!

Kaštelir will let you in on the secrets of the historically significant Fort Nigrinjan, nested on the Gradina slope and overlooking the river Mirna. Here you’ll be in for a real treat: impressive shows in the sky put on by paragliders.

Višnjan is the starting point of the Owl’s Trail that passes through the lavender fields, the world-renowned observatory in Tičan and the beautiful hornbeam, chestnut and acacia forests – home to owls and roe deer.

Check out the detailed trail routes and get ready for a lifetime adventure in Poreč!

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