The best possible way to explore Poreč and its surroundings is on foot. An easy walk will give you the chance to take in all the beautiful sights and live in the moment. Each season reveals new impressive facets of our town, with picture-perfect images to carry forever in your heart.

To truly feel the town’s vibe and explore its legacy, pick the Old City Trail and tackle the maze of stone alleys that hide gems such as the divine Euphrasian Basilica.

If you choose to head south from downtown Poreč, you’ll be swept off your feet by its famous lagoons with idyllic beaches and coves shaded by pine trees. When you need a break, just sit on a bench and watch the seagulls soaring over the restless sea.

If you’re in for more of a challenge, we recommend taking the route that runs north from the town centre, passes by the sports and leisure zone and leads all the way to the village of Materada. Tree lovers will enjoy walks through the dense greenery of the Brulo peninsula.

Pick your ideal walking trail based on your level of fitness and preferences and have a great time with your family!

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