Canta Torre

07.04.2018 - 07.04.2018

Organiser: TZO Tar-Vabriga Z.T. Tar
Event type: Music Festivals & Events

Entertainment event

On Saturday, 07.04. starting at 7 pm, the "CantaTorre" event will be held at the Italian Embankment in Tar. The event is a cultural, educational and entertaining character with the tendency of encouraging lifelong learning and love for amateur music creation, as part of the development of cultural tourism in the destination.

In addition to the Mixed Choir "San Martino" iz CI of Torre, a na manifestaciji će sudjelovati Vokalni grupa "Nigrignanum" CI Santa Domenica, Vokalni grupa "Ad Libitum" CI of Brtonigla, Mixed Choir CI of Brtonigla the Choir "San Martino" of Monselice (Padova).