Lovers of science and astronomy will find just the place for them right near Poreč.  

The Višnjan Observatory is located 16km from Poreč in the village of Tičan. The number of asteroids it has discovered makes it one of the twelve most productive observatories of all time. During its years of operation, it has proven outstanding in astrometric measurements and the discovery of small bodies. Stargazing the Istrian sky will thrill both young and old.  

The most active current projects unfolding at the Višnjan observatory are those designed to popularise and educate within the framework of the Tičan Science and Education Centre, including programmes in many fields of science for pupils of all ages.   


Group visits to the observatory are possible exclusively by advance arrangement at
During visits, groups will have the opportunity to participate in lectures and in a guided tour of the new observatory in Tičan and to observe the sky through a telescope.

Individual visits to the observatory are possible on Thursdays from June to mid September as part of the ASTRO NIGHT programme from 9-10:30PM. The programme includes a tour of the observatory and observing visible night sky objects with an amateur telescope. Advance arrangement is not necessary. The programme is not held during poor weather (rain).  

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