Going south, to Poreč's Lagoons

If you want to go to the city or back by train, stop and wait at the stop for the tourist train that goes from Zelena Laguna to the city and back along the Antun Štifanić Promenade. In the shade of the pine trees during the day, you can also stroll in the fresh sea air at night because the promenade is illuminated.  During the summer months you can stop and rest at one of the many cafes and bars, catch your breath on a bench or play on the sports grounds along the promenade.  From the Plavi Hotel you can take the stairs to the cliff where you will find St. Nicholas’s Chapel with its bell-tower.  173 stairs lead to the top of the cliff and include rest stops and lighting, while the top of the bell-tower offers an excellent panoramic view.  From here you can head towards the city waterfront and peek at the schedule for the regular boat line that will take you back to Zelena Laguna with stops in between.

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