Visual arts

Poreč is home to many visual artists of different age, with promising young talents emerging constantly. The reason behind this could be associated with the fact that the local tourism sector has long ago realised the importance of presenting the work of local artists.


Poreč Annale is the oldest Croatian group exhibition of contemporary visual arts, taking place every year since 1961 with the aim of presenting the latest trends in the visual arts scene in Croatia and worldwide. It opens in mid-June and lasts throughout the high season, offering an insight into the current state of contemporary art. Over the last couple of decades it has embraced the so-called curatorial platform concept, according to which the curators are asked to create an exhibition based on a particular theme, such as: Art and the City, Current Trends in Contemporary Landscape Paintings, Embracing the Minimalist Approach, Mystification, etc. Among the artists whose works have been presented so far are Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Aleksandar Srnec, Ivan Picelj, Dušan Džamonja, Vanessa Beecroft, Dalibor Martinis, and many others. It usually takes place at the Istrian Parliament Hall, a building of historic importance serving as a venue for exhibitions and multimedia events.


Every April for the last 17 years, Istrian Parliament Hall has been hosting a group exhibition aimed at showcasing the achievements of amateur visual artists working both at the local and broader level. Each year the author of the best work of art gets an opportunity to hold an individual exhibition at the Small Gallery.


Located at the crossing of Decumanus and Cardo streets, the Zuccato Gallery is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable exhibition venues in Poreč. Showcasing the works of renowned artists, winners of prestigious awards and art school teachers regarded by art critics as the most prominent trendsetters of the local and regional art scene, it offers a great insight into a variety of styles and the media used. The gallery also hosts PHOTODISTORZIJA, a biannual photo exhibition of a selection of photographs investigating the theme of photography as a medium and a means of communication.


The Small Gallery is located at the ground floor of the theatre building. It focuses on new media, photography and smaller exhibitions, and particularly on presenting up-and-coming authors.

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