City Coco Rent Poreč 

City Coco Rent Poreč offers easy, affordable and fastest way to move around the city.  

Ride an electric scooter through the city all day long and discover all the city gems, historical sights, fun spots, beaches and much more in a practical and fun way. Enjoy the summer breeze while riding relaxed without any worries about parking spots and traffic jams with no driving licence needed!  

Feel free to go anywhere with the most convenient transit electric scooter in town.  

Drive up to 50 km with an extra removable battery, rest and enjoy traditional cuisine by tasting local delicacies, sunbathing on the beach and more.  

Experience the city as a resident, meet locals and make new friends, moving fast, environmentally and economically.  

Make the most of your vacation time while enjoying a free exploration of the city of Poreč in your own itinerary, without typical routes and restrictions.  

Be the creator of your ideal tour of the city and its surroundings!


• Eco-friendly driving
• No driver's license required
• Avoiding traffic jams and parking problems
• Easy navigation with the provided maps and directions
• Visiting the city faster than on foot• Drive up to 50 km with optional removable battery

• starting with 1 hour

Included in price:
1. Helmet   
2. Padlock   
3. City map   
4. Backpack
5. Bottled water 0,5l
6. Energy drink 0,25l

Working Hours & reservations:
City Coco Rent Porec is open daily from 9am to 7pm, from early spring to early fall.
We make reservations through, via email, Facebook and directly in our rental store in front of our Alpha Luxe Group real estate and marketing agency.

Adress: Mate Vlašića 17, 52440 Poreč
Tel / Whatsapp / Viber:
+385 95 363 1895
+385 95 363 1892

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