Visit, feel and experience Vižinada

Have you ever wondered if there is a place where you will feel the intense touch of nature, the beauty captured in time, the joy of living and fun, and where standing in the present, in the blink of an eye you can be transported into the past, and the answer is - yes. This place is called Vižinada.

A place on the hill, with a view so imposing that it is eternal inspiration for painters and writers. A place that simultaneously exudes a strong vitality and indescribable peace. A place that you will never forget and that you will definitely visit again.

If you walk through the streets of Vižinada in August, you will breathe in the beautiful smells of homemade cakes during the traditional manifestation Sweet Istria. This event will delight you since it blends tradition and the present with the flavors of desserts and you will also be delighted when you see how many of today's Istrians respect and preserve all the values left by previous generations. Visit Vižinada in September and you will feel the spirit of sports, recreation and communion at the Parenzana Recreational bike-marathon, gathering a lot of cycling enthusiasts every year. This picturesque setting is a paradise for cycling fans, since Vižinada has a 123 km long bike trail along the renewed Parenzana railway route, as well as many other cycling and hiking trails.

Each month, week and day of the year conceals something new for all visitors of Vižinada, a unique and unforgettable experience. The countless vineyards and the offer of local winemakers, the gastronomic delights that will leave you speechless, a mill where you can buy homemade freshly ground flour and the intact nature that invites you to join it - all that is Vižinada. Just like the powerful spirit of the past that is still ubiquitous today. Like in the street of Carlotta Grisi, a ballerina whose gracious genius, perpetuated in the ballet story of Giselle, grew up here on the streets of Vižinada, where she was born. You will also be delighted by the Gothic church of St. Mary with a stone head on the facade, which, according to legend, depicts Atilla the Hun, as well as by every stone and corner of this magical place that was mentioned by Jules Verne in his works.

Visit, feel, experience. Vižinada is expecting you.

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