Istrian Specialties

Every household in Istria has since ancient times prepared maneštra, a thick boiled soup made of various vegetables with the addition of cured meat. Traditional pasta such as fuži, njoki, pljukanci or pasutice, are served with a gravy-like sauce made of chicken, beef or wild game known as žgvacet. Traditionally cured ham or Istrian pršut was once served only at special occasions, while fritaje, egg omelettes with wild radicchio or asparagus were eaten all year.

First-class meat specialties other than pršut are ombolo (boneless pork loin) and kobasice (sausages) which can be eaten raw or grilled.  Poreč’s restaurants and taverns prepare potatoes pod čripnjom (baked on a hearth by covering with a bell-shaped metal lid and then covering the lid with embers) and serve them as a side dish to meat specialties.

Other than these, you can also taste seafood specialties. Depending on the season, on hot summer days Poreč’s restaurants offer fresh and delicious European seabass, gilthead seabream, grooper, sardines and numerous shellfish. It is important to note that flat oysters are eaten raw, while Mediterranean mussels are eaten steam-cooked in their own juices with herbs and wine.  

Discover restaurants and taverns in Poreč that will satisfy all your senses.

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