Visitor center „La mula de Parenzo“

"La mula de Parenzo" (The girl from Poreč) is the unofficial anthem of the city of Poreč. As such, it is inseparable from the culture, lifestyle and spiritus movens of the inhabitants of this beautiful city. This song is the greatest intangible wealth that the city of Poreč has, and it materialized through the visitor center, affectionately called butiga, "La mula de Parenzo".

Who was "la mula de Parenzo"? What did she do? Why is she important for this city? Here you can find out a handful of information about the song itself, but also about the history of Poreč from the beginning of the 20th century, about the social context in which the song was created, about the city's gastronomy and fishing under the watchful eye of Euphrasius.

This is where the past and the present, tradition and technology meet - dive into the past of Poreč through our photos, infographics, old objects, demijohns, multimedia interactive aids, and all to the unique rhythm of the song "La mula de Parenzo". 

A. Trg Slobode 13, 52440 Poreč
M. +385 (0)91 432 37 45

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