Poreč has a new web site

The City of Poreč Tourist Board presented its new website for the destination of Poreč today at the Valamar Diamant Hotel.  The media presentation included the Project manager and Director of the Tourist Board Nenad Velenik and all the members of the project team.

The concept is by the firm Zagrizi d.o.o. from Zagreb, computer support is provided by Infosit d.o.o. from Poreč, editorial services are provided by Poreč's Edcom d.o.o., while the text was written by the firm Sedam i pol d.o.o. from Pula.

A representative of the firm Zagrizi, Vatroslav Škare M.Sc. explained the development of the new site and briefly explained the importance of the optimisation of Internet websites, namely the system of adapting them to Internet search engines with the goal of increasing visits to the portal by certain target groups.  Goran Mrvoš of Infosit presented the development of the CMS system and Edi Žužić of Edcom presented the ways content is created and updated.

Since the web portal must be a significant marketing channel for the promotion of Poreč's tourism, the site must satisfy a number of conditions such as:  visual appeal, interaction with visitors, searchability, information and at the same time must be innovative and simple to use.  Regular updates to the portal should catch and maintain visitors' attention.

The work of the project team included the active participation of representatives of the most important tourism companies in Poreč, Giorgio Cadum of Riviera as well as Dean Matošević and Dean Krizmanić of Plava Laguna.

Concluding the press conference, the Director of the Tourist Board noted that the publication of the new web site will not mark the end of the project, but instead will mark the continuation of intensive work considering that the site is in fact a 'living organism' since information is oftentimes becomes outdated the moment it its posted.

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