Eugen Varzić

Eugen Varzić graduated in painting from the Department of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka in 1999. He has exhibited in around forty solo exhibitions and over a hundred collective exhibitions both nationally and internationally. He has showcased his work at all major exhibitions in Croatia, including the Painting Biennale, Painting Triennial - Blue Salon, Triennial of Self-Portraits, Triennial of Portraits, and Triennial of Watercolors.

He has led several artistic projects and worked on international art initiatives. He refined his artistic skills in Madrid, attending workshops led by Eloy Morales and Antonio López García. As the sole representative from Croatia, he has participated in group exhibitions organized by the Artelibre Gallery in Zaragoza, such as the "Algo mas que realismo" projects in Zaragoza and New York, as well as the "Mod portrait" project at the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona. In collaboration with the 33 Contemporary Art Gallery and the PoetsArtists platform from Chicago, USA, he exhibits in the collective project titled "Paint the Figure Now" at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art (WMCA). Varzić collaborates with the art magazine for contemporary art, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine from Sydney, Australia, which has globally showcased his artistic work. The American art magazine Realism Today declared his artwork titled "Future" as the artwork of the week in December 2023.

He is the creator of several public mosaic works, including a sacred mosaic on the façade of St. Anthony's Church in Korčula, a monumental mosaic on the façade of Hotel Poreč, and two sculptures in the mosaic technique, "Confin" and "Trosjed" in Poreč, etc. Additionally, he occasionally engages in design, short films, illustration, and conducts art workshops, providing guidance and preparation for prospective students of art academies. He delivered a lecture titled "Art as Breathing" at the inaugural TEDx Pula conference in Istria.

As an independent artist, he lives and works in Poreč.

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