Green Bicycle Garage - the safest parking in town for bicycles and scooters

The safest parking in town for bicycles and scooters

If before you wouldn't have set off into town with your bicycle or scooter because you didn't have a safe place to leave them, from now on you can do so without worries.

In the Large City Car Park the Green Bicycle Garage has been placed, a single self-service automated garage for the storage of bicycles and scooters.

The entire process of storing and functioning of the garage is fully automated and up to 12 bicycles and scooters can be stored. Because of its integrated anti-burglary and video surveillance system with notification this garage is one of the safest parking spaces for your bicycles and scooters.

This is just one of the ways in which Poreč is trying to encourage its fellow citizens and numerous visitors to drive less, in order to reduce emissions of harmful emissions due to traffic thus directly helping the environment.

Next time you set off to town, instead of driving - choose your bicycle or scooter.


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