The Meat of the Istrian Ox – boškarin

Boškarin is the popular name for the Istrian ox with enormous horns.  This animal is an indigenous and protected species, part of rich traditional Istrian values and has forever been tied to the 'little man' and the soil.  The highly valued meat of this animal is used to prepare true gastronomic specialties.

This high-quality beef is most often prepared cooked in šugo, a gravy-like sauce, and paired with njoki or fuži (types of pasta).  It is also prepared boiled, fried in a pan with seasonal wild plants and local olive oil.  All the ways the meat of the Istrian ox is prepared are derived from traditional Istrian cuisine and are highly valued by modern Istrian gastronomy.

Seek out restaurants in and around Poreč that have dishes made with the meat of the Istrian ox on their menu.  As a guarantee of origin these restaurants and taverns carry a special sign – one with a picture of a boškarin!

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