Poreč is keeping up with nature

Every year, the Tourist Board of the town of Poreč pays a great deal of attention to landscaping, informing local population and guests on the importance of preserving nature to be able to enjoy it as long as possible.

By conducting various environmental activities, it regularly motivates citizens to get involved and actively participate in the care of joint natural heritage, it invites them to landscape and decorate their own yards, gardens and balconies.

In light of its environmental care, Poreč has been repeatedly awarded the best organized tourist site on the Adriatic coast as part of the ‘Blue or Tourist Flower’ competition. There are about 20 blue flags waving across its territory guaranteeing clean sea and developed beaches. The Tourist Board of the town of Poreč also looks after its aquatorium and its underwater area and organizes annual cleaning of the Poreč aquatorium islands and the Poreč harbour underwater world as part of numerous environmental protection activities.

Because the nature is one and only. Poreč is aware.

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