Sky Fox Adrenaline Park

When you wish to test your limits and have some active fun with the entire family, come to the Sky Fox Adrenaline Park. You will find it easily as it is located along the Novigrad-Poreč main road near Tar.

Pretraining (Mala škola): Before embarking on the Park's activities, all its users attend Mala Škola where they get acquainted with equipment basics and its safe use.

White and Yellow  Track:  For our youngest users aged 4-6. There is the mushroom walk, sledding, tunnel walking and the trapeze at the end.

Orange Track:  For children aged 6 – 14 as well as for adult beginners. It features a cable car ride, balance exercises on scales, flying cycling,  rock climbing, walking on beams and ropes, strength exercises on the trapeze, and a 2 zip line descent at the end. The track is located at the height of 4 meters.

Red Track: This is a special challenge at the height of 10 meters. When mastered, it brings a special joy of testing one's own strength. The track is intended for children aged 14 and older as well as for the adults.

NEW - Zip line: 5 zip lines, 250 meter long overall, for all those who are adrenaline junkies.

Quick Jump: The free fall system jump from the height of 10 meters.

Giant Swing:  Experience the swing at the height of 7 meters in a group or individually. When secured, you are lifted 7 meters above the ground, the swing is released, and your intertia keeps you moving.

Human Table Football:  12 x 6 m table football and fun for 8-12 users. People replace the figures and become the players.

Footpool: The 7x 5 m table played with feet instead of a cue stick.  Intended for 2-4 players.

We organize birthday and bachelor parties, team buildings …

The Park is equipped by the safest cutting-edge equipment. It was issued the certificate by French Vertic'Álps Expertise in line with the SIST EN 15567-1 EU standard.

Instructors have been educated by top experts and certified as adventure park instructors.

All our users may relax in the bar and get some refreshment from cold beverages while sitting in the shade of oak trees. The brick barbecue is provided.



10.00 am – 11.00 pm (July and August)

10.00 am – 8.00 pm (March-June, September-November)
Call in advance (December, January February)



Along the main Poreč-Tar road

GPS: 45.279189, 13.623503

Phone: +385 (0)91 33 45 490

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