Feel the pulse of the old town

Entering the historical centre of Poreč means stepping on a stage built more than two millennia ago. In this magical setting where towers interchange with medieval palaces and the beautiful Euphrasian Basilica, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, a walk through Poreč will feel like travelling in time and tickle all your senses.

The ground floors of many of the fascinating old town buildings are home to gastronomic gems such as wine bars, fusion restaurants, fish konobas and street food bistros, all with an irresistible ambiance. Their lively terraces and bar stools will tempt you to pick a seat and enjoy the vibe while waiting to be served local delicacies such as fish, cheese and prosciutto, paired with superb wines and brandies. You can also order fish burgers, various versions of fish & chips, fried Adriatic fish, and Asian cuisine favourites, such as sushi and tuna, all reflecting the unique touch of local chefs.  

A walk through the old town is all the more magical when accompanied by the sounds of the classical music echoing from the Euphrasian Basilica, where the combination of excellent acoustics and impressive Byzantine architecture lends each chamber music piece an added value. To experience the modern DJ scene of Poreč be sure to visit La Vecia Cantina, an enchanting wine bar nested in a secularised church built nearly 700 years ago and offering a truly spectacular ambiance.  

Jazz lovers will get to enjoy great concerts at the lapidarium of the Poreč Heritage Museum throughout July and August. They will be featuring a whole range of global jazz genres, from chamber jazz, combinations with other music genres (such as hip-hop or electronic music) to performances by Poreč jazzers.

The Street Art Poreč festival is another fantastic summer event that additionally livens up the town streets and squares with impressive performances that are both funny and surprising, sometimes even confusing, but undoubtedly a feast for the eyes and ears of passersby.

It is precisely Poreč’s narrow stone alleys that encapsulate all the magic of the town, lovingly nurturing the spirit of old times and offering a real treat for all your senses.

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