Sea activities

Sea lovers will surely not be bored in Poreč, especially if they are entrepreneurially-spirited.  The beauty of the Adriatic Sea and underwater environment can be explored year-round.  Alongside the flora and fauna of the sea hidden amongst the underwater reefs and caves, you can also tour the silent world of shipwrecks.

Diving centres are well-equipped for organising and leading diving expeditions at attractive locations and for providing diving assistance.  During the summer diving schools are organised and if necessary can take on larger groups of divers.

Along the coast from Lanterna to Poreč and Zelena Laguna (Green Lagoon) there are a number of sports centres where it is possible to rent sailboats, paddle-boats and motorboats, beach canoes, pedal-boats, jet skis and windsurfing boards.  It is also possible to rent all necessary beach equipment and also go waterskiing with the help of a cableway.  Those who are more agile can go waterskiing while being pulled by a motorboat.

The sea area around Poreč is an excellent area for sports fishing, either angling or underwater spear-gun fishing.  Angling is done from the shore or from a boat in shallow waters near shoals.

Poreč is also registered on sailing maps.  It is host to many regattas, and in sailing school you too can begin a new adventure with the wind at your back.

Water sports

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