Did you know that Poreč boasts a record number of Blue Flag beaches in the Adriatic?

Aside from confirming top-quality water, this certification guarantees well-kept beaches with numerous attractive amenities, such as sun loungers, umbrellas and showers, water sports and children playgrounds.

Owing to a pleasant sea temperature, the swimming season in Poreč lasts from April to October, and there are no huge waves or dangerous sea creatures to worry about.

This is perhaps the reason why Poreč hosts the biggest recreational swimming marathon in the Adriatic, called the Poreč Dolphin, and you’re welcome to participate! Fun fact: swimmers are allowed to use all sorts of accessories, from flippers and snorkel masks to inflatable mattresses, you name it. This could also be a perfect opportunity to train for a triathlon, and it is precisely Poreč that hosts one such great event, so if you're interested click the link to read more.

See you at the beach!

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