Best of Poreč

Restaurant & Bar Guide  

In the last two years, Poreč has seen a significant increase in the quality of its gourmet offer. Several exquisite restaurants and bars have been opened, while the existing ones mostly improved their cooking, food serving and wine lists. Poreč gourmet scene has become more dynamic with the opening of luxury hotels. Last year, Marea, Poreč's first 5* resort, has opened its doors, while Pinea, another huge 5* hotel is currently being built.  

1. Bacchus, Eufrazijeva 10  

Bacchus is a popular wine bar & shop boasting a fine selection of wines and brandies, but also popular dishes ranging from prosciutto, cheese, anchovies and cod to steak tartare. In the last couple of years, Bacchus has been constantly packed. It remains open after midnight.  


2. Cheese Bar Barolin, Nikole Tesle 8  

Barolin declares itself as a cheese & wine bar. It offers a quite interesting selection of local wines, relying hugely on Istrian labels. Cheeses and prosciuttos are mostly good. The atmosphere in the bar, especially in its garden hidden from the road, is simply tantalising. Barolin features a shop too, with a nice collection of wines and olive oils.  


3. Chilli Fusion Streetfood, Ribarski trg 1  

Chilli Fusion has become the local gourmet sensation. Its furious green curry with chicken and chicken satay are to blame for long queues forming in front of this tiny place. This year, their Thai-Malaysian menu has been complemented with sushi.    


4. Divino, Obala maršala Tita 5  

Divino is a gourmet bistro located on the Poreč waterfront. The menu combines fresh fish and seashells with trendy bistronomic dishes such as black cuttlefish soup with broad beans or foie gras with strawberries, and a wide choice of pastas. The interiors are somewhat exotic, decorated in a gastrotainment style, while the terrace overlooks the sea. The wine list includes Istrian wines in addition to a number of interesting international labels.  


5. Garaž Bar, Nikole Tesle 13  

Garaž Bar is a handsome place, just on the coast, serving smoothies and frapes in the morning, while nights are reserved for sipping cocktails on the beach. The interiors add fun to the whole experience, showcasing fruits, herbs and bottles of renowned alcoholic drink brands.  


6. Hrast, Nikole Tesle 13  

Hrast was established in 1971 and is one of the pioneers of the Poreč area restaurant scene. In recent years, Hrast has embraced the modern bistronomy trend, offering a wide choice of pastas, but also fresh fish. Perched above the sea with a view of the town, its elegant terrace is one of the prettiest in Poreč.  


7. Marconi, Eufrazijeva 24  

This huge tourist restaurant and bar next to the Euphrasian Basilica serves a variety of grilled dishes, some pastas, huge salads, pizzas and traditional fish dishes cooked exclusively from frozen fish. Marconi’s staff is very professional.    


8. Marina, Kukci, Lipa 1  

This simple tavern in the suburbs of Poreč, not very close to the sea, serves fresh fish at affordable prices. Here you can literally relish in fish that swam in the sea just the night before.  


9. La Pentola, Pical 2  

La Pentola is a modern, exquisitely decorated and branded beach restaurant, nestled in a deep shade of a pine forest. Here you can enjoy tasty pizzas, homemade pasta classics and big salads, not to mention the huge steaks such as fiorentina T-bone steak. Their selection of beers is probably the best in Poreč (Chimay, Sierra Nevada, Zmajsko) and their wine list is also solid. Pentola is an excellent place for a relaxed lunch by the sea.  


10. Peterokutna kula, Decumanus 1  

The Peterokutna kula (Pentagonal Tower) restaurant, on top of a 15th century tower, is one of the prettiest restaurant venues in the Poreč area. From the upper terrace, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire town and the breeze that makes for a pleasant temperature, usually a few degrees lower than on the streets. The chefs are skilled and the dishes they prepare often sophisticated, with the emphasis on quality ingredients, be it scampi or Wagyu steaks.   


11. Spinnaker, Obala maršala Tita 15  

Spinnaker is a haute cuisine gourmet bistro located on the Poreč waterfront with the view of the sea and moored yachts. Spinnaker draws the attention of guests with its accurate and imaginative use of the popular gourmet ingredients. Here, tuna is turned into tataki and tartare, sea bass is treated with activated charcoal and then served with yuzu panna cotta, risottos are cooked with aged Acquerello rice while the octopus on a bed of vegetable cream is among the tenderest you’ve ever tasted. In addition to the imperative young wines, the wine list includes a few precious mature malvasia wines such as Cattunar’s Collina and Benvenuti’s Anno Domini.  


12. Sv. Nikola, Obala maršala Tita 23  

Sv. Nikola is a classic fish restaurant with an excellent selection of live fish, crabs and some meat dishes. One of the Poreč restaurant gems, Sv. Nikola lies on the waterfront, has a spacious terrace, and its dining room on the first floor offers a gorgeous view of the nearby island of Sveti Nikola. This restaurant is one of the most representative gourmet venues in the Poreč area.  


13. Torre Rotonda, Narodni trg 3a  

On top of the Round tower, a café and cocktail bar Torre Rotonda has been run by the same family for twenty years. The Round tower was erected in the 15th century, just like the Pentagonal tower. Guests who manage to climb its pretty steep and smooth stone stairs will be rewarded with spectacular views and refreshing breeze. Torre Rotonda serves around twenty cocktails, which cocktail enthusiasts sip from as early as noon, in addition to a couple of quality local wines.


14. Tunaholic Fish Bar, Ulica Svetog Eleuterija 6  

Tunaholic is probably the most original street food venue in Istria and beyond. Located in a small space in the very heart of Poreč, Tunaholic uses some seriously good tuna, shark, sardines and sand smelt in the popular international street food formats such as burgers and fish & chips. Tunaholic is a street food bar that every town on the Adriatic would wish for.  


15. Ulixes, Decumanus 2  

A stone house nestled in the historical centre of Poreč is home to Ulixes, a romantic restaurant with three dining rooms. One of the veterans of the town’s restaurant scene, Ulixes has recently turned into a nice fish restaurant offering plenty of fresh fish and live lobsters alongside a solid wine list.  


16. La Vecia Cantina, Obala Matka Laginje 2  

La Vecia Cantina is a wine bar located in the spectacular setting of the old Istrian Assembly Hall, in a desacralized church built almost 700 years ago. The selection of wines is quite good, the prices are affordable, but what draws people to La Vecia Cantina is its unique and truly exceptional ambience.  


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