Honey and Honey Points in Istria

The production of the most famous product made by bees, honey, begins in April when fruit-tree honey and gilt-cup honey are collected.  In May, beekeepers and their hives go on a search for kilograms of sweet honey. Thanks to the year-long work of beekeepers, Istrian honey is renowned as a high-quality product that you can taste and purchase in authentic beekeeping households.

Honey points produce acacia, linden-tree, sage, chestnut and meadow honey, flavoured honey, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds in honey, honey deserts and honey brandies, especially the renowned medica. But that is not all, honey points also offer you the possibility of learning about beekeeping and the production of propolis, royal jelly and wax.  

Honey has been used since ancient times in Istrian households as food and as a medicine which people found in nature.

Honigsüße punkte in Mittelistrien

Honey spots in Central Istria


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