12. Collection of paintings

The collection of the 14th c. and 15th c. paintings and reliefs, among which the quality of the two excel. A polyptych by Antonio Vivarini of the Virgin and saints painted in Venice in 1440. Apart from the prevailing Gothic features, the image of the Virgin also shows some modern Renaissance characteristics. Opposite this lavish polyptych stands a triptych by Anthony of Padua from 1529 - a simple and almost rustic work of the renowned Istrian painter of frescoes from the hamlet of Kašćerge (Villa Padova) in Pazin's vicinity. Information about the painter, the commissioning client, and even some news from the then town of Hum, which the triptych came from, can be gained from a Glagolitic text placed amidst the predella, the triptych base.